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Tamburino Village in Street, Somerset: My Review

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On Monday afternoon, I visited Tamburino Village in Street. This is one of three Tamburino restaurants in Somerset, with the others being in Yeovil and Sherborne. All three restaurants have an excellent reputation.

Tamburino Village opened in 2012 and features a delightful al fresco dining area which is rather popular during the summer months!


I began my meal with their focaccia – a fragrant rosemary and sea salt pizza bread. The bread itself was wonderfully airy, with a satisfyingly chewy texture. The rosemary’s herbal notes and the salt’s sharpness created a perfectly balanced flavour profile. It was simple, yet absolutely satisfying.

While the menu offered more elaborate appetisers, my food philosophy is that a great Italian restaurant should excel at the classics. The focaccia was a perfect test of their craftsmanship.

Margherita Pizza

For my main course, I opted for the classic Margherita pizza. Sometimes, the best way to judge an Italian restaurant is by the quality of their simplest dishes. A perfect Margherita showcases the quality of the dough, sauce, and cheese – the holy trinity of pizza!

This classic needs no introduction – a harmonious blend of tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, and a sprinkle of fresh basil. This rendition did not disappoint. The sauce was bright and slightly sweet, while the cheese melted beautifully. The crust, though slightly thinner than my preference, had a lovely crispness to it.

You can view Tamburino Village’s full lunch menu here.

Suitable for Families?

Yes! It’s perfect for families. Here is the menu for children.


I recommend parking in Cranhill Car Park in Street. There’s always a ton of space. In the last four years, I’ve never seen it full! Alternatively, if you plan to visit Clarks Village after your meal, you could park in Southleaze Car Park in Street, which is just a two-minute walk from the restaurant.


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