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About Me

I’m Adam Crookes, a passionate writer ready to celebrate all Somerset has to offer.

I’m a Somerset native, but it wasn’t until recently that I truly began to appreciate everything this incredible county has to offer. Growing up here, I took it for granted. Now, I’m rediscovering Somerset with fresh eyes.

From the rolling hills to the quaint villages, bustling towns, and stunning coastline, I’m on a mission to uncover its hidden gems. Somerset Ideas is where I share my journey, hoping to inspire you to explore and fall in love with this special place too.

I believe family-owned restaurants are the backbone of our communities.

In February 2024, I launched the Somerset Dining Experiences email newsletter, which aims to highlight and celebrate family-run, independent restaurants and pubs in Somerset. I believe family-owned restaurants are the backbone of our communities. I want to shine a spotlight on their hard work and dedication.

There are many unsung heroes in those kitchens, along with staff working front of house, who create incredible experiences for Somerset diners every night. These are the people I’m trying to celebrate.

For some, little things like simply knowing where best to park, especially in a busy town like Glastonbury, can be the difference between booking a table or staying at home. My hope is that the newsletter gives people the assurance they need to go out and visit independent restaurants themselves