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10 Best Cider Farms in Somerset [Tried & Tested]

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Edited by Adele Horwood
Fact-checked by Ben Crookes

If you’re looking for the best cider farms in Somerset, I’ve explored countless cider farms, and this is my definitive list of the absolute best experiences for any cider lover out there.

Somerset and cider are as inseparable as fish and chips.

As a Somerset native, I’ve spent more weekends than I can count immersed in the sweet, tangy delight of local cider.

This article is for:

  • Cider enthusiasts looking for authentic experiences in Somerset.
  • Visitors seeking insider recommendations for cider farm visits.
  • Those interested in exploring Somerset’s rich cider-making tradition.

Best Somerset Cider Farms

1 – Wilkins Cider Farm

Wilkins Cider Farm is legendary, and for good reason.

When I think of classic Somerset cider, this is the place that springs to mind.

Their traditional farmhouse ciders have the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

If I’m in the mood for the quintessential Somerset experience, I’m always drawn back to Wilkins.

2 – Burrow Hill Cider Farm

Burrow Hill is where tradition meets a touch of the modern.

They’ve got the classics down pat, but I find myself drawn to their more experimental flavors – the oak-aged ciders and blends with fruits and spices are divine.

The views of the Somerset Levels from their farm are breathtaking too.

3 – Sheppy’s Cider

With a long, rich history, Sheppy’s is an institution. I’ve found that their ciders tend to cater to the sweeter palates.

They do some incredible fruit ciders, like the classic raspberry, perfect if you like your drinks on the sweeter side.

If you want a tour in a large, well-established cider farm, Sheppy’s is your bet.

4 – Sandford Orchards

Sandford Orchards is a personal favourite for their range.

They offer something for everyone – whether you like it crisp, bone dry, or bursting with fruity notes.

Of course, I’m also a sucker for their “scrumpy”, their unfiltered traditional cloudy cider.

5 – Perry’s Cider

Perry’s is all about—you guessed it—perry!

For those unfamiliar, it’s like cider but made from pears.

I think of Perry’s as the place to go when I want something just a little bit different.

Their traditional perry has that wonderful pear sweetness but the same pleasant bite you know and love in cider.

6 – Rich’s Cider Farm

Rich’s Cider Farm is a cider lover’s hidden gem.

It’s smaller and more intimate, making for a cozy and authentic experience.

Their flagship Kingston Black cider is a Somerset classic. If I’m looking for powerful, intense flavors, this is where I head.

7 – Hecks Cider

Hecks is where I go for modern, innovative ciders.

They experiment like crazy with hops, botanicals, and even wild fermentation techniques.

Their ciders can be unusual, but if you’re an adventurous cider enthusiast, Hecks will reward you.

8 – Thatchers Cider

Thatchers is a mainstream success for a reason – their ciders are reliably delicious and easy to find.

I always appreciate their quality, and they do some fun seasonal flavors that are worth checking out.

Think spiced winter ciders or refreshing summer blends.

9 – Orchard Pig

Orchard Pig is a fun one.

Their quirky branding matches their playful approach to cider.

If I’m craving a refreshing, fruity, modern take on cider, this is a great pick.

Some of their flavors can get quite out there, so they’re perfect if you like something different every time.

10 – Pilton Cider

Pilton does those special, limited-edition ciders I absolutely adore.

If you want something rare, unique, or made with heritage apple varieties, Pilton is a must-try.

I like to keep an eye out for their releases, as they always have something exciting up their sleeve.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it – my top recommendations for exploring the best of Somerset’s cider scene.

But remember, this is just the starting point.

Countless hidden gems are waiting to be discovered, so get out there, sample widely, and find your own favorites!


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