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The Loft in Street, Somerset: My Review

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A few people have mentioned The Loft to me in recent weeks. Well, curiosity (and an empty stomach) got the better of me, so I booked a table and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

First off, this place is HUGE. It’s like a TARDIS. From the outside, you wouldn’t guess it, but step through the doors and BAM! High ceilings, tons of space, and the owner himself there to greet you with a smile wider than the River Brue.

He even let me choose where I wanted to sit, which was pretty cool. I could tell straight away that he loved this place, and honestly, after looking around, it was easy to see why! As a family, they have clearly poured their hearts and souls into creating an original dining experience that stands apart from anything else locally.

Now, onto the important stuff: the food. I started with tempura king prawns that came with a sweet chilli dip and mixed leaves. Loved it! Then came the main event: an 8oz sirloin steak cooked to absolute PERFECTION. Juicy, tender, and everything a steak should be.

I couldn’t resist telling the owner I’d be back soon (and trust me, I will be!), and although he doesn’t know I’m writing this, I figured you guys deserved to know about this hidden gem. Steak night, friendly atmosphere, and a seriously stylish venue? What more could you ask for?

So, if you’re in the Street area and fancy a top-notch steak (or anything else on their menu), do yourself a favour and check out The Loft. I would imagine that many people visit The Loft having spent the afternoon shopping in Clarks Village.

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