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Gigi’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in Glastonbury, Somerset: My Review

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On Friday evening, I visited Gigi’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in Glastonbury. This is a highly respected and beloved independent Italian restaurant. In 1987, Gigi’s converted the former Clark’s shoe shop into an Italian restaurant, bringing the real taste of Italian cooking to Glastonbury.

‘Pizza Garlic‘

I started off with their ‘Pizza Garlic’ – a simple, but oh-so-delicious, introduction to the meal. Imagine a warm, fluffy pizza base, slathered with intensely fragrant garlic butter and sprinkled with herbs. It was the perfect way to awaken my taste buds and get into the Italian spirit.

The restaurant’s atmosphere oozed authentic Italian charm. The waiters scribbling the day’s specials on a worn chalkboard added a touch of rustic warmth. A vibrant lemon tree nestled in the corner filled the air with a fresh, citrusy scent. Overall, the cozy ambiance transported me straight to a traditional Italian trattoria.

Margherita Pizza

While the menu boasted intriguing specialty pizzas, I felt drawn to the tried-and-true Margherita. After all, this pizza is a cornerstone of Neapolitan cuisine, and I was eager to see how this restaurant interpreted this Italian staple. Their version did not disappoint! It had a bubbly, slightly charred base that was wonderfully sturdy, and laden with a generous blanket of melted cheese. Simply delicious!

You can view Gigi’s full menu here.

Suitable for Families?

Absolutely! A mix of families and couples were seated during my visit.


I recommend parking in St Dunstan’s Car Park in Glastonbury. Don’t forget to bring some coins with you! It’s now £2.50 for two hours.


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