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The Red Lion Inn, Babcary, Somerset: My Review

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Nestled in the Somerset countryside, The Red Lion Inn in Babcary offers an authentic country pub experience that stands out with its remarkable atmosphere and culinary delights. On a sunny Monday night, I found myself warmly welcomed by the friendly front-of-house staff, whose genuine hospitality significantly contributed to the overall inviting ambiance.

The Red Lion Inn strikes a perfect balance between a relaxed bar area and a more formal dining room, each adorned with wood paneling, log piles, and a roaring open fire, all under the watchful eye of a majestic lion’s head mounted on the wall. This setup creates an atmosphere that is both cozy and sophisticated, making it an ideal spot for any occasion.

One of the highlights of my visit was the swift service. Despite the inn’s popularity, the efficiency and friendliness of the staff ensured that everything ran smoothly. The menu is impressively focused and tight, reflecting the chef’s confidence in their offerings. It’s clear that the team takes great pride in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that celebrate the season’s best.

The Experience

Slow-cooked Somerset shoulder of lamb, roasted onion puree, salsa verde, pan juices

I began my meal with the slow-cooked Somerset shoulder of lamb, which was nothing short of fantastic. The lamb, tender and rich in flavour, was perfectly complemented by the roasted onion puree, salsa verde, and pan juices. Each bite was a harmonious blend of tastes that showcased the chef’s skill and creativity.

Roasted carrots, hot honey, whipped feta, pumpkin seed dukkha

Accompanying the lamb were roasted carrots drizzled with hot honey, paired with whipped feta and pumpkin seed dukkha. This side dish was a delightful surprise, with the sweet and spicy notes of the honey enhancing the natural sweetness of the carrots, while the whipped feta added a creamy, tangy contrast, and the dukkha provided a satisfying crunch.

Raspberry and almond tart

To finish, I indulged in the raspberry and almond tart. This dessert was a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, with a delicate almond flavour that provided a satisfying end to the meal.

The Red Lion Inn’s commitment to quality is evident not just in their food but also in their accolades, including the Taste of the West Gold Award. Their menu, a versatile mix of gastro dishes and pub classics, changes regularly to reflect the best of what the season has to offer. This versatility ensures there is something for everyone, whether you’re stopping by for a casual lunch, a leisurely dinner, or their increasingly popular Sunday lunch.

Additionally, during the summer months, the inn’s alfresco, covered wood-fired pizza bar offers a delightful option for those looking to enjoy a quick pizza in the pub garden. Open from Friday afternoon to Sunday, it’s a perfect spot to unwind on a lazy afternoon.

The Red Lion Inn in Babcary is a gem that perfectly encapsulates the charm of a traditional country pub while delivering a culinary experience that is both refined and unpretentious. If you’re passing through Babcary, it’s worth stopping by! Booking is recommended to ensure you don’t miss out on this delightful experience.

Key Information

You can view The Red Lion Inn’s sample menus here.

Suitable for Families?

Their alfresco wood-fired pizza bar is open from Friday afternoon to Sunday during the summer months (check for opening times).


There is a car park to the right of the Inn with plenty of space.


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