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The Lime Kiln Inn, Langport, Somerset: My Review

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Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting The Lime Kiln Inn in Langport, a charming pub that has recently come under the stewardship of publican Jason Schinkel. Jason, originally from South Africa, has made England his home for the past two decades.

With a solid background in catering, Jason transitioned into the pub industry and quickly earned a stellar reputation among his patrons. His establishments are celebrated for their great food, friendly atmosphere, and unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor at The Lime Kiln Inn, Jason’s warm hospitality ensures everyone feels welcome. Located on the A372 between Langport and Podimore, The Lime Kiln is a beautifully restored 17th-century cider house, offering stunning views over the Somerset Levels.

This traditional country pub and restaurant is a perfect spot for both a casual meal and a special dining experience.

The menu at The Lime Kiln Inn features a delightful array of pub classics and innovative specials, all crafted from locally sourced produce and the freshest seasonal ingredients.

The Experience

Lamb Bobotie Spring Rolls

To start, I opted for the lamb bobotie spring rolls, a unique and delicious take on a South African classic. The crisp exterior and flavourful filling set the tone for the rest of the meal.

Pie Of The Day

For the main course, I enjoyed the Pie of the Day, served with creamy mash, mixed greens, and rich gravy. This hearty and satisfying dish exemplified the comfort and quality The Lime Kiln Inn is known for.

The pub offers a fantastic selection of craft beer and cask ale, perfect for pairing with any meal. I highly recommend joining them on a Sunday for their delicious roasts in the stunning restaurant space.

The Lime Kiln Inn, under Jason Schinkel’s management, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a memorable dining experience in Somerset.

It’s an opportunity to enjoy great food, warm hospitality, and beautiful countryside views.

Key Information

You can view The Lime Kiln Inn’s menu here.

Suitable for Families?

Yes! The Lime Kiln Inn is suitable for families. You can view the menu for children here.


There is a car park with plenty of space (even when fully booked).


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