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Basswood Barn in Wincanton, Somerset: My Review

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I wasn’t sure what to expect, having only found a few online reviews (all raving, mind you!), but let me just paint a picture: imagine this super spacious, open-plan barn conversion, all squeaky clean and decked out with more kitchen gadgets than you could know what to do with.

Now, the pictures online were great, but they don’t quite capture how BIG this place was. It was huge, with an amazing open-plan layout that made it feel even bigger. Plus, it was spotless – sparkling clean!

This is the master bedroom with an en-suite

The master bedroom was a particular highlight. Up on a mezzanine level, it had a comfy king-size bed and, best of all, air conditioning! The en-suite walk-in shower offered a refreshing start to each day.

It’s a shame that I never got to meet the owner, who still remains a mystery to me! Finding such meticulous attention to detail in both the design and experience sparks a curiosity about the mastermind behind it all. I couldn’t help but wonder who poured their heart and soul into the barn, leaving me wishing for a chance to meet them and express my appreciation for what was a wonderful three-night stay.

The barn is tucked away at an angle from the farmhouse, so privacy was no issue. This place was a dream. If you’re looking for a winter escape that’s both relaxing and picture-perfect (because, let’s be honest, Instagram!), I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending Basswood Barn.

You can find out more about Basswood Barn here.

Just a heads up, if you end up booking through the above link, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Helps keep the travel tips flowing and the newsletter viable!

This is the welcome hamper from Basswood Barn, which is next door to Tilia Barn and Linden Barn. Together, the three properties are known as Lime Tree Barn on Higher Hatherleigh Farm in Wincanton.

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by a delightful surprise: a welcome hamper overflowing with local goodies, including cheese made using milk from the farm! It was a nice gesture that instantly set the tone for a relaxing and indulgent stay. The hamper also featured some spelt and ale crackers from The Newt, which is only a 10-minute drive up the road.

What makes a great welcome hamper?

Over the last few weeks, while gearing up to launch the newsletter, I enjoyed connecting with new subscribers on Facebook. Among them, some local property owners reached out, keen to showcase their stunning holiday homes. This engagement sparked a thought: what exactly makes a welcome hamper truly exceptional? After all, first impressions linger, and a carefully crafted hamper can set the stage for an unforgettable stay.

Adding a local touch to the welcome experience is the perfect cherry on top. Imagine indulging in a hamper filled with goodies from nearby farms and producers – a bottle of Somerset cider, perhaps, or artisanal cheeses showcasing the region’s unique flavours. It’s a thoughtful gesture that instantly immerses you in what makes our part of the world so great.

And speaking of delicious discoveries, I’m off to explore a Langport cottage that apparently includes homemade jams and chutneys in their hamper! Expect a full report back soon.

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